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I used to be "Big Red" now it is white.  Like to write, opinionated, yeah.  Like to do many kinds of handwork. sewing, etc.;  also read; Civil War buff;  the new slang is a complete blank; miss the old roads that were twisty and all; there used to be some real ones with steep climbs and even better drops; don't do that anymore. Must be getting old!
Born and raised in Washington, DC. My home was in the Mendota Apartments on 20th Street, NW.  Went through the public schools and graduated from Western High School.  I considered myself to be a major in sciences and art - if that makes any sense.  I also studied Spanish for the whole four years in high school. Ugh!  Joined the WAC out of high school, trading one First Sergeant for one in knaki for three years during the Korean War. Luckily was stationed in Japan. Came home and worked as a clerk in an insurance company.  Got married at 29 and unmaried after three children at 38.  Single mother from then on. Worked the rest of my working life for the Deprtment of Defense. Hobbies, photography, and most of the female hobbies, sewing, cross stitch, knitting, beading and quilting.  Biggest time waster in my life- reading, history and biography, mostly with poetry on the side.   <Grin> That&#39;s about me.
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