Update: Obama Sends Second Letter to South County Middle School

The letter was received Friday.

Update: Today, South County Middle School English as a Second Language [ESOL] students received a response from their letter to President Obama.  

“One of the most important lessons you can learn about our Government is that every citizen has the responsibility to participate," Obama wrote. "Elected representatives listen carefully to citizens as they cast votes and make decisions. That is why your views are so important to me, and I want to hear your opinions and ideas as we work to build a brighter future for your generation.               

“I trust you will study hard in school, contribute in class, and involve yourself in community service projects so you will be prepared to help us lead this great Nation.”


Barack Obama


Original Story: South County Middle School Students Correspond with President Obama

South County students in Janet Dower’s middle school English for Speakers of Other Languages classes just learned a big lesson about communication, when they wrote a letter to President Obama and received a response.  

Part of the 8th grade curriculum involves writing a letter to an important person. When the class decided to focus on the environment and endangered species, they decided to take their issues all the way to the top and wrote the President. The great surprise was when he responded.

President Obama made suggestions on “how you can do your part” and noted that “hearing from engaged young people like you gives me great hope for the future.”

Dower was excited about the exchange of ideas. “President Obama’s letter taught these students they have a voice in America’s democracy,” she said.   

The conversation isn’t over yet. Motivated by the letter, the students wrote back, and declared: “You have given us energy to learn more.” The letter also extended an invitation to visit them in the new South County Middle School this fall, and they are hoping for a positive reply.

On April 24, members of Dower’s class presented their framed letter and Obama’s response to Marsha Manning, principal of the new South County Middle School. Manning was “thrilled” to accept the letters and pledged to hang them in the main office.  


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