Rise in Local Crimes Tell Tale of Economy and Lack of Employment?

Crime - on the rise because of lack of real jobs? Are we now in this depression because of what? My thoughts out loud.

Somehow, I have the feeling that the present rise in crime, robberies, etc. is part of the lowered/disappeared job market. As income goes down, the price of living goes up. Business needs the same income whether there is work for all or not.  If the normal traffic goes down because of lack of spending money and the rise of costs for whatever the customer still needs, but now cannot afford, buy less? Sift out the nice for the needed? Try in some way to get the money for maybe the unaffordable needed? 

Answer? Is there one? I would like to think that "Better Days Are Coming"! 

Some of us are old enough to remember the Great Depression.  I was born and grew up in that time.  FDR's answer to the depression was a number of things - one was to embroil the US into making arms, etc. for the war that was beginning in the Orient and slowly spreading across all of the European and Oriental continents. The fact was that not only in this country, but on those continents, those countries were also in the midst of their own depressions.

Another was "Works Progress Administration" which made jobs where there were none. The National Gallery of Art is one project. Taking Army officers and giving them the job of building roads and fixing roads with men, who were paid a small amount of money to work on the projects. Building dams, cutting a new road through the mountain chain to the west of us, known as "Skyline Drive" from the Maryland border to the North Carolina border. Sending groups of people out to learn the old folk music of the country. Another group to find what had been lost, as in old cemeteries. My family's cemetery under a tangle of vines. The few headstones cleaned and the cemetery marked.  It took a couple of generations until at last I found the citation on my computer and went to see the place. 

Are our leaders, able to think through what is needed?  Are the present Presidental Candidates able to forget slanging each other to fight the problems of inflation and jolly statements of making new jobs thus ending the depression which are just words at the moment?  Much more is required than what we can see being done now.

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