Franconia District Station Under New Command

Captain Jim Baumstark took over the position after Captain Bennett was promoted.

On Saturday, July 28, Capt. Jim Baumstark took over as commander of the after Capt. Shawn Bennett was promoted to major and commander of the Resources Management Bureau. 

Baumstark has served with the Fairfax County Police Department for 22 years, and he was a sergeant in patrol at the Franconia Station 12 years ago.

“Commander of the Franconia Station is a great assignment," said Baumstark. "I am excited to be back at Franconia Station after 12 years and I am looking forward to working with all the officers assigned here and interacting with the citizens in the community.”    

Baumstark begain his career with the department by patrolling the West Springfield District and then Mount Vernon District. He also served as assistant commander at the McLean District Station and then in the Major Crimes Division of the Criminal Investigation Bureau. 

After being promoted to captain, he was assigned to the Chief’s Office and worked on the county’s FOCUS project. Baumstark has held several supervisory roles that include the Mount Vernon Bike team, Technical Services Bureau, Information Technology Bureau and the Chief’s Office of Research and Support.


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