Teen's Take: Lorton is Lacking

Our resident thinks Lorton could use a shot in the arm

As far as providing activities for teens to do, Lorton does not have a lot to offer. The closest movie theater or mall is well over walking distance away, so those of us who can’t drive (like me) have to make the best of the options right here in Lorton. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Lorton, Virginia isn’t exactly known for its tourism. You don’t hear anyone saying “Hey lets go to Lorton Virginia for vacation!” 

A typical day after school most teens just get a group of people together in neighborhoods, houses, or shopping centers and try to come up with anything (and when I say anything, I really mean anything) to fill the inevitable void of boredom.

Companies could offer a place for teens to have fun and hang out should be jumping at the chance to conquer Lorton suburbia. So why haven’t they? There is certainly a market for it, and it could also solve the problem of, “we’re bored so we’re just going to do stupid stuff and hope we don’t get in trouble.”

Having a place where teens could have fun right here in Lorton has so much potential to benefit the community. Teens would have a place to go instead of getting into trouble, and if teens are doing something then there is a significantly less chance of teenagers making stupid decisions out of boredom.  Not to mention the jobs that a business like this could create. Instead of overcrowding land with houses that are way too close together, Fairfax County (or whoever is in charge of these things) should invest in providing a place where teens can do something rather than sit around eating bags of popcorn and watching horrible mid-day television.

Anything from a bowling alley or diner, to something much larger like a mall or movie theater could have the potential to improve life for not only the teens, but also for everyone else in the community.      

Julie Borenstein March 16, 2011 at 12:19 AM
This article is very important and very relevant to all teenagers in the Lorton area. I completely agree with the author that it is crucial for a community to offer fun, safe, accessible options for teenagers. I am particularly concerned about this as my sons enter their teenage years. Hopefully the Lorton community as a whole will develop more programs, options, and possibilities for teenagers.
Jordan C March 16, 2011 at 12:53 AM
As a teenager evolves into a young wo/man it's significant that they get to experience their last segments of their childhood. Boredom is a very difficult situation to overcome when friends can not experience freedom in a enjoyable manner. This article was very well written and addresses the great need to experience enjoyable situations with their friends, and to avoid these situations I recommend joining a youth social group/club or every once and a while arrange a way to take that long dreadful 40 minute drive to D.C. Perhaps if either of these options are not the most suitable, there must be some recreational park or community center surrounding the Lorton/Fairfax Station area.
Shawn Drury March 16, 2011 at 05:56 AM
Jordan and Julie, I think Rachel's articulate piece reiterates the glaring need for a Rec Center in the South County area.


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