Vamoose Bus Will Open a Lorton Stop

Starting on January 5.

For Lorton residents who are looking for a more convenient way to travel, in January there will be a new and more relaxing alternative to hitching a ride on the metro or weaving through hectic DC traffic. Even though trains and airplanes are still the most prevalent forms of long-distance travel, they have become more complicated, especially with controversial security checkpoint procedures and expensive train tickets.

For Lorton residents, having a low-stress way to travel between cities in the east is just around the corner. Vamoose Bus, a company based out of New York City, will soon open a bus stop in Lorton to accommodate the growing demand for transportation alternatives.

The company will open a Lorton bus stop on January 5 at the VRE station behind Lorton Town Center. According to Florence Bluzenstein, co-owner of Vamoose Bus with her husband, Sam, the company has received a number of requests from Northern Virginia residents to open a bus line in the area. Requests have poured in from areas such as Springfield and other nearby suburbs. "People are beginning to enjoy bus travel because it's much simpler," Bluzenstein said. "It's easier than planes."

The Lorton stop will give travelers the option of eventually going all the way up to New York City and back. "It's a simple way to get to New York," Bluzenstein said. "You avoid the bustle of the Metro." Vamoose presently has stops in Bethesda, MD and Arlington.  

Vamoose currently has two morning pickup times reserved for the Lorton stop—6:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. If these times are successful and they get more customers, services will be expanded and more pickups will be added, Bluzenstein said.

A one-way trip from New York City to Lorton will take a little over four hours. Traveling from the Lorton stop to Arlington will take about 45 minutes.

Bluzenstein said business tends to be heavy during the summer and holidays when a lot of people are traveling.

The Lorton stop will at first be connected to Arlington. If travel to this area is successful and people interest grows, additional stops will be added in time.

The fare for a one-way trip is scheduled to be $30, regardless of the destination.

Vamoose Bus receives a lot of communication via e-mail. As a family-run company, they take pride in their customer service and respond to every request. After roughly seven years running, their dedication to customers and good service is still going strong, as Lortonians will find out January.



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