Review: Tokyo One Japanese Steakhouse

One of Lorton's top restaurants lures diners with hibachi and keeps them coming back with delicious dessert choices.

Located in Lorton Market Place, Tokyo One Japanese Steakhouse has become a popular local haunt as well as a favorite among travelers off the Lorton exit of I-95.

Tokyo One offers a variety of dining experiences. Prices are moderate with entrees ranging between $15-25 and lunch ranging between $10-12.  Regular seating is available in the center of the room for small or large groups. A sushi bar is located in the back where customers can watch sushi chefs create culinary masterpieces for the guests' enjoyment. A television sits behind the sushi bar with sports games airing. However, be forewarned that the television is sometimes a bit loud and can ruin the ambience during a first date. A range of the day's freshest sushi can be found behind the glass of the sushi counter, but it is a bit disappointing that they do not carry quail eggs (a must try over a piece of Masago sushi that is a culinary experience of textures unto itself).

Compensating for that oversight is the chefs' daily blackboard of special rolls that will delight your palate. The lobster salad in a roll is a keeper. Tokyo One also offers great specials during lunch, such as the Maki Combo, which consists of two rolls of your choice, soup, and salad. The servers are attentive at lunchtime and they refill your hot tea so often you might not catch them before they do if you are not looking.

Tokyo One also has a full alcohol bar located near the sushi bar. It features a variety of Sake, either hot or cold. The Sake comes in small and large servings which must be ordered separate from a meal. Though poured into small glasses, guests should proceed with caution—a little goes a long way.

Hibachi grills line the perimeter of the restaurant. Hibachi meals can be ordered from any location in the restaurant, but individuals cannot be seated at the hibachi grills unless they are grouped together with other individual customers or come with a group. Small groups will be seated together at the grills to fill space.

The hibachi sections are more entertaining than the rest of the seating areas since the hibachi chef adds flair and comedy to the cooking of your meal. Customers can get a close up view of the chef flipping metal spatulas or of a flaming volcano made out of a stacked pile of sliced onions. Careful, get too close and it's possible you'll get squirted by the water he uses to put the flame out. For this reason, it is probably a good idea to keep your finer clothes in the closet if you are planning on sitting at the hibachi grills. Also, Tokyo One's chefs have been known to fling a cooked shrimp or other morsels of food towards the mouths of those seated at the grill, a stunt that inevitably results in parts of the menu ending up on somebody's shirt. It's all fun and games until you cannot get the grease out on laundry day. If you want to avoid this possibility, just let the chef know and he'll oblige by skipping to the next person.  

The drink service at the hibachi was noticeably slower with refills and nobody ever asked to refill the tea, but this might be because the wait staff simply does not want to interfere with the hibachi experience.

The hibachi portions are large and can be a choice or mix of chicken, filet mignon, lobster tail, salmon, scallop, shrimp, steak and vegetables that come with two dipping sauces. You get a choice of fried or white rice. Go for the fried rice just this once, you will not regret it. Meals come with a small salad and a soup. The Miso Soup is very good, but Tokyo One serves an equally delectable onion soup at the grill. If this sounds like a lot of food, you're right, it is. You will most likely need a doggy bag because it is too good to waste.

That being said, dessert must not be skipped, so leave room. Tokyo One has a surprising number of options, especially for a Japanese steakhouse. The cheesecake is of sizable portion and very creamy, but the absolute must try is the tempura vanilla ice cream…that's right, fried ice cream! Sure, fried dessert sounds heavy after such a big meal, but the tempura is incredibly light and airy tasting and the ice cream not affected by the "fried" outside. The tempura ice cream was an absolute astonishment at first bite and even though it is big enough to share around a table, you will find yourself vying for the last bite.

Mini Page Review:

Located in Lorton Market Place shopping center, Tokyo One Japanese Steakhouse has become a local haunt as well as restaurant of easy access off Highway 95 for travelers passing through Lorton. Serving sushi, hibachi, and a lot of fun!


Contact Info:

Tel: 703-372-1599/703-372-1598 Fax: 703-372-1597

Web site: www.tokyoone.net


Lunch: 11:00AM-2:30PM

Dinner Mon.–Thurs.: 4:30AM-10:00PM

Fri. & Sat.: 4:30PM-10:30PM

Sunday: 12:00Noon-9:30PM

Cuisine: Asian, Japanese, Sushi

Reservations: Accepted


Noise Level: Moderate

Alcohol: Full bar

Parking: Free lot

Price: Moderate- Entrees at $15-25, Lunch $10-12

Military Discount: Yes

Dine In/Carryout: Both Offered

Party Platters: Available



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