Realtors Speak Up for Home Ownership

There's a big meeting of Realtors today and tomorrow

When it comes to real estate news, I always try to extrapolate the local facts from the national headlines.  This week, national and local issues come together in a week-long event being organized by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) and held right here in Washington, DC.

Thousands of Realtors® from across the country are expected to participate in a series of meetings, which run through May 19th.  They will meet with legislators, public policy makers and industry leaders on Capitol Hill to discuss various housing-related issues including access to affordable financing, streamlining the short sale process, engaging comprehensive secondary mortgage market reform, and preserving the tax benefits of home ownership.  Realtors® will also participate in sessions with representatives from such government agencies as the Federal Housing Administration, Federal Housing Finance Agency, Federal Reserve Board, Mortgage Bankers Association of America, and the U.S. Treasury.

The highlight of the event will be the Rally to Protect the American Dream which will be held Thursday, May 17th from 9:30-11:00am.  Almost 10,000 Realtors® are expected to gather at the Washington Monument to draw attention to the important role that housing plays in our economy.

“We need to keep housing and real estate first on the nation’s public policy agenda, because these issues affect all Americans,” said NAR President, Moe Veissi.  “Realtors® are committed to working with members of Congress, regulators, and industry leaders to ensure public policies and industry practices that promote responsible, sustainable homeownership and encourage real estate investment.  We want to make sure that our country’s leaders, now and in the future, understand the vital role that real estate plays in both the long-and short-term health of this nation”.

Many Realtors® from our area, including our team, will participate in the event.  As one of the country’s stronger real estate markets, northern Virginia enjoys a relatively stable environment for jobs, housing, and mortgage financing.  But, we all need to continue to work together to help shape the policies and preserve the benefits of homeownership for everyone.

Ron Kowalski is a Realtor with Ron & Susan Associates, Re/Max Gateway in Lorton

Sally Spangler May 18, 2012 at 03:10 PM
Realitors make 6% on sales. That is fine except for one thing. The price of homes with all the friils and overall size on small lots and crowded together and worst of all - extremely poor construction. The house next to me the exterior walls are made of foamboard covered with troweled on layer of cement, which has all ready failed in the western side of the house in spots. That means that the third owner probably has no idea of what they are liiving in, as it did not happen after they moved in, it happened when first owner was there within the first year of the house being finished. The Price? I don't know the original price, but was not an inexpensive home, it was expensive and poorly built. What is really needed is truthfulness in construction and prices that people can afford. $1.9million for a large, poorly built house is goudging the buyer!


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