Photos: The Run of the South County Stallions

It was something else.


Did you witness history in the last few weeks? The South County Stallions' three-loss beginning of the season made many question the likelihood of Lorton's home team reaching the playoffs. Well, the Stallions not only made the playoffs, they got all the way to the Championship game and were defeated by the Phoebus Phantoms 20-10.

Yes, the championship game. That's generally known as thick-gold-ring-with-your-name-and-team-stamped-on-it territory. But now the 2011 season is over and the Stallions must contend with second place.

The 2012 Edge

You know what? The 2012 Stallions have this over just about every high school footballer in Virginia: They've tasted bitter defeat in a genuine arena, and many will fight like hungry tigers for another chance to walk in cleats into Scott Stadium in Charlottesville - and win.

Looking back at Saturday's big game, the Phantoms revealed themselves to be an ok team with a monster of a wide receiver who can eat soup from atop most of our heads. He's a tall fellow and it looks like he has chairs for hands. But did you know he's also a senior? Soon, he'll be wide-receiving in college and eating soup off heads in a collegial atmosphere. So, Phoebus, watch out next year.

The Gallery

The first picture in this gallery is of the Stallions charging the field for the first time this season. In it, Captain Devin VanDyke is smashing through a paper barrier, perhaps, as a preview of coming attractions.

The remaining pictures are of the semi-final game with Hanover and the Championship game against the Phantoms in Charlottesville.

Enjoy the photos!


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