New Look Coming for Facebook Pages on March 30

Ready or not?

Facebook will change all pages to the new look on March 30. To their credit, they have provided ample time to preview what your page will look like come the end of the month. You can go ahead and switch to the new look now if you’d like. Here are some answers to questions you might have about the changes:

So just what are Facebook Pages?

Pages are for places, companies, celebrities or brands to provide official information to individuals who have chosen to like them. Pages are administered by official representatives of that organization. They extend the reach to engage new and existing fans through News Feeds, Events and Recommendations. Facebook has set no limit to the number of people who can "like" a page.

Why have a Facebook Page instead of a regular Facebook account?

Pages are designed to go beyond what a person can provide in their regular Facebook account. When you set up a page, you select from a pre-determined list of categories the one that best matches your business or brand. Facebook provides customized options for the category you’ve selected. There are also different options for applications you may wish to add to your Page than you have with a regular Facebook individual’s account. Facebook Pages have no fan limit and can automatically accept fan requests.

What’s new in Facebook Pages?

Cover: like the new large image that sits behind your Profile Photo on an individual Facebook account, Facebook Pages now has this too. The cover image is public and visible to everyone who views your page. You can change the cover whenever you choose.

Star: Highlight posts you want to draw attention to by starring it. On your page’s timeline, star a post and it will expand to widescreen placement to make it jump out.

Pin: Pin posts so they appear at the top of your page’s timeline. They also display a flag icon in the corner. Pins on your timeline remain at the top for seven days. Then, they appear in their regular chronological order as posted on your timeline.

Milestones: Draw focus to significant moments from your timeline. Like starring, milestones expand to widescreen placement. Add relevant information such as location, date, and details, as well as a photo. Remember, pages are for organizations and brands. 

What's the best way to prepare?

  • Select a cover image.
  • Review your page’s timeline to show only the posts you want.
  • Go over your settings to select whether or not you want to show posts by others and whether or not you want to review posts by others and then make them visible.
  • Pick milestones.
  • Star and/or pin posts.
  • Review your likes to see whether or not they still apply. You can unlike something. You can also determine who can see your likes.

Bonus for page administrators:

You see valuable information about your page every time you go to it. Right at the top are notifications, messages, new likes, insights and page tips.

Learn more about Facebook Pages in their interactive learning area or in the Help Center.

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