'The Senior Prank' Movie Filming at Lorton Great Harvest Monday

Great Harvest Bread Co. will be open on Monday for the filming of scenes for "The Senior Prank."

Lorton's . will be open Monday for the filming of an independent film scene. The Senior Prank is an independent anti-bullying film about a prank gone wrong and lessons learned.

The coffee shop scene will be filmed throughout the day. Customers will be able to quietly observe with a hot cup of coffee or a free slice from the breadboard. 

The store will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m and will feature a limited menu. 

"It's very exciting," said Great Harvest co-owner Jeffrey Connelly. "We aren't usually open on Mondays, but we're making a special exception this time."

The Senior Prank is the story of high schoolers, who, as a joke, elect a girl with Down syndrome to be their homecoming queen.

"The scene has three people in it — a customer with Down syndrome, another customer and a person behind the counter. The customer isn't happy and has a bias against people with Down," said Great Harvest co-owner Jeanette Scott Moler. 

And why the Lorton and not Burke Great Harvest? "It's just bigger and more attractive," said Connelly. 

So, will you be at Great Harvest on Monday? Patch will be there, and we'll report back with details. 


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