'Love Your Show Babe:' Jack Diamond Exits MIX 107.3 FM

After 20 years on WRQX, the station pulls the plug on popular morning radio program.

For those who listen to Mix-107.3 FM, "Love your show babe," was the signature sign-off for morning show host Jack Diamond and it was also how listeners signed off when calling in to the show.

Loyal listeners may have noticed that Diamond was missing in the mornings the past two weeks, replaced temporarily by various hosts. But Diamond's not on vacation — he's off the station for good, according to the station.

Two weeks ago, the Washington DC radio station WRQX-FM, owned by Cumulus Media, deleted all references to the popular longtime radio host on its Web site and loyal listeners unknowingly heard the last morning show by Diamond after 22 years on the radio station. 

Will you listen to the new syndicated show taking its place? Take our poll.

"The Jack Diamond Morning Show" featured Diamond at the helm, running a show that included phone calls from listeners, sidekicks, traffic, news, Hollywood gossip, contests and Diamond often talking about his wife and children.

Diamond got his start in radio right out of high school at WINX, a Top 40 station in Rockville, now airing Spanish music as WLXE; he did a stint for two years in Fairfax at then-station WEEL, now WDCT, which now airs a Korean religious format.

After news about the show's demise on 107.3 began to leak out on April 26, the tweets came pouring in:

"Proud to call @JackDiamond a friend, and sorry the @JackDiamondShow is no more - A DC radio institution that lasted more than most shows."

"@jackdiamond Thanks for making mornings bearable. Please keep us updated on where you go next so we can tune in."

"@MIX1073 so sad not to turn on @JackDiamond - have to find new station."

"@MIX1073 Shame on you for turning on @JackDiamond. Listening to your station update sounds like you are going from class to trash. No Thanks"

"@JackDiamond I just found out that I lost the best part of my morning commute. Love your show babe!"

"@JackDiamond what happened? I can't handle my morning school drop off without you!"

On the Monday after his last show, the radio station issued a news release about the end of the show. Diamond is quoted in the release saying:

"Thank you to all who have listened to and participated on my show for the past 24 years! It has been an amazing privilege and honor to have spent over two decades back in my hometown. In every performer's career, there comes a time when a new stage or fresh piece of canvas with a new palette of colors calls your name. That time has come for me. I am very excited about the future! I'm also excited to see one of my protégés and partners, Bert Weiss, continue what I started here given Bert joined me on a couple occasions over those 24 years," Diamond said.

A new program featuring Weiss begins airing Thursday.

Marilynn Wohlrab June 24, 2013 at 12:32 PM
I had been traveling and was in the car and went to 107.3 to listen to Jack and some person named Bert was on. There is no charm.. heck there is nothing. It was boring. WRQX just lost another listener. JD and friends were a staple in this area and was my primary station for the entire time he was on. They made a huge mistake. I am hoping he gets another gig real soon and he will have his team. I will just have to stream him to listen. You will be missed in this area. Love your show babe.
Arthur Radley June 28, 2013 at 09:00 AM
Good riddance. Diamond and his lame sidekicks were the worst. Show was directed at stay at home moms with dim witted humor and idiotic stories.
Patty Rappaport July 30, 2013 at 09:50 PM
Very disappointing! Not discussing anything worthwhile on the new show. And I agree...I'd think Washington DC could find a crew in our own neighborhood with concerns relevant to our part of the country. Bad decision.
Leonard Draheim August 06, 2013 at 06:33 AM
I listened to Jack for 13 years. And now have tried to give the Bert show a chance. But I am finding it very repetitive. They lay the same people they are giving advice to over and over again. It's Tuesday and I have heard about this girl who quit her job so she could date a fellow employee several times already. I want Jack back. He was real! This virtual show from another city is not the way to go.
Kat Hebert August 09, 2013 at 08:06 AM
I am so upset to hear that you took Jack Diamond off the air. He really made my morning drive fun. I tuned into the new show but thought I was listening to some high school/college radio program. Did not like it at all. Will not return to your station unless you bring Jack back. I am taking your station off of my favorite list. Bad decision on your part.


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