Get Out Of That Office Chair and Exercise With Lorton's Suzie Carmack

Glued to your desk?

Suzie Carmack of Lorton's Centeredbeing Studio. (photo by James Cullum)
Suzie Carmack of Lorton's Centeredbeing Studio. (photo by James Cullum)
Are your muscles slowly atrophying after years of endlessly sitting at your desk at the office? Don't give up just yet, because Suzie Carmack of Lorton's CenteredBeing Yoga Studio has developed a program that helps to counteract sedentarism during your workday. 

“In as little as two minutes, you can see shifts in hormones that improve your mood,” said Carmack. “For as little as 10 minutes per day, you can improve mood and focus, and be happier and healthier. It’s an easy intervention to incorporate into one’s daily life.” 

Carmack recently helped launch Wellness Week 2013 with the World Health Organization with the video above. She encourages office workers to get up from their desks every two hours to engage in a stretching and moving routine she calls “2-4-6-8.”

The exercises involve moving the knees and elbows in two different directions, the spine in four directions, drawing the number six with one’s knees to rotate the hips and moving the shoulders in eight directions.

Sedentarism is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality, resulting in 3.2 million deaths a year, according to the WHO. 

So, give the workout a try and tell us what you think! 


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