Photo Gallery: 'I Do! I Do!' at the Lazy Susan Dinner Theatre

It's a lifelong love story.

Fifty years is a long time, but not at the . There (and in less than two hours), you can see "I Do! I Do!" a remarkable turn-of-the-last-century musical that tells the story of Michael and Agnes Snow and their 50 years of matrimony. 

Michael is played by Hans Bachmann, who also directed the production. Bachmann's interpretation of Michael is reminiscent of Tom Ewell in "The Seven Year Itch" but in this show, it's more like the 50-year marathon. 

Agnes is played by Kristen Jepperson, and her booming voice (think Ethel Merman) and broad range are the perfect combination. 

The duo have great chemistry, and the fights, make-ups and kisses feel completely genuine. Both deserve awards for their performances, particularly because of the emotional whirlwind that they put themselves through in two acts.

In other words, go see this show. We endorse it wholeheartedly, and it is by far the best production we've seen this year at the Lazy Susan. 

The show runs until Sept. 23. 

Enjoy the photos!


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