The Lorton Perspective: Who Is Your Favorite U.S. President?

Happy President's Day!


Lorton's Caribou Coffee was packed with history buffs this morning. In recognition of President's Day, Patch asked Lorton-area residents this question: Who is your favorite U.S. President and why? 

Lorton's John Marollo had coffee with his friend, Erin Estep 

Marollo: "Who was the president who wrote the Federalist Papers? Madison. He tried to bring the states together."

Estep: "I'm gonna say George Washington. He laid the foundation for other presidents to be judged against."

Corporate trainer Sherron Diggs was quick with her answer. 

"Barack Obama. I think to persevere in a country where you become the first African American president is a great achievement, and to go in eight years after President Bush is commendable. He (Obama) knew what he was walking into. He's very personable, there is a genuousness about him and he's very intelligent. That balance is remarkable."

John Graves of Mount Vernon picked the 40th president.

"Ronald Reagan. His work in breaking down the walls for Communism and expoing a whole people with some of the freedoms we enjoy in the U.S. - I know it's not perfect here - but that is a significant event in world history."

Ilia Desiatnikov knows a little about Abraham Lincoln

"Well, Abraham Lincoln, as we know, was 'Honest Abe'. He had very humble beginnings and embodied the American dream of going from rags to riches. He eventually became one of the greatest president's we ever had, from the modernization of America to freeing the slaves. And he was just an upright man, wasn't self righteous and he could relate to the common man."

Dina Tekaalen, 12, and her brother Romie, 10, would love Mount Rushmore. 

Dina: "Abraham Lincoln - because he abolished slavery."

Romie: "George Washington - because he's on the $1 bill."

Have you got a favorite U.S. President? If so, tell us who and why in the comments box below. Happy President's Day!

Sally Spangler February 21, 2012 at 04:41 PM
My favorite? Franklin Delano Roosevelt He became president about the time I was born. I was born one year and he became President the following year. He dealt with the Big Depression. He did many things that were good ideas and many which were not - his usual reply was to drop the bad ideas, and go on without excuse, to ideas which did work. I haven't found much to applaud in the men who came after him. Mr. Truman, yes and certainly JFK, who like FDR hid his pain/illness and go from there. Did you know that Mr. Ford had been JFK's commanding officer at the time of the PT109 adventure? Yes he forgave Mr. Nixon, but was there a reason? Yes, I think there was - think about it. Mr. Nixon, of course gave us away to China and began our problems that we are still living through - a "Service Nation" - USA servant to out sourcing and hat in hand to the Asiatic nations and third class manufactures we live with now!
James Cullum February 21, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Thanks Sally! My favorite is Lincoln. His whole life was an unbelievable, fascinating story and he truly changed the country.


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