Photo of the Day: The Equine Eye

It's the largest eye of any land mammal

Today, August 10, 2011, Patch was once again at the barn at Meadowood on Gunston Road. Why? We're working on a video series about the barn, and are conducting interviews and shooting b-roll.

After the day's work was finished and everyone was leaving the barn, there stood Yogi, a majestic animal that belongs to Simple Changes Therapeutic Riding Center. Patch took a picture of his left eye and learned a few things.

Did you know:

  • Horses have 350 degrees of monocular vision
  • Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal 
  • Horses have dichromatic vision, which means they can see blue and green colors, but not red
  • Horses have excellent night vision

Enjoy the picture!



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